The ABC's of T - by Robyn Shanor

Here I sit alone and cry,
I am a T, a dumb XY,
But in my heart I am XX
My brain and bod's a different sex!

Some tell me, "Face reality,"
Look in the mirr'r at what you see.
Their answer's too much ABC,
'Cuz my heart lives inside of me!

I wish a wish upon a star,
My body looked like Teri Garr!
I'm thankful that I have my health,
But my wish: female, heck with wealth!

I dress and put my makeup right,
But find these panties awful tight.
It's not just body, can't you see,
The struggle's here inside of me.

The way I think, the things I say,
Prove my brain's wired a different way.
To say "Just change the way you think"--
Like tell a cow to be a mink!

I didn't choose this way to be,
I was all wired prenatally.
It's them at birth that said, "A male,"
I grew up telling them they failed.

If I should die before I wake,
Use my best dress, for goodness sake!
My prayer: to wake up as a girl,
Down here or facing gates of pearl!

A prayer that many of us share,
B who we are, down here, up there.
C us, O Lord, set our hearts free,
From all this struggle as a T!

And now you know my ABC's,
Deepdown what's inside of me.
I tried so hard, I learned, conformed,
To live the way my outside's formed.

Awake I pay the price, so high,
My heart XX, my sex XY.
So now I lay me down to sleep,
Where I will look like Meryl Streep!

Copyright 1997 Robyn Shanor All Rights Reserved

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